GET THE FACTS:  Clinical evidence shows that tattoo removal cream can make your tattoo fade away, removing it in stages. You can apply it yourself, just like any other cosmetic cream. The ingredients quickly penetrate your skin, acting on the ink to make your tattoo vanish. The cream safely treats your skin, without clogging pores. Made of natural, safe ingredients, the formulation is easy on your skin. This cream comfortably and effectively removes permanent cosmetics and ring tattoos. This affordable, reliable, and simple system for tattoo removal will amaze you!



Comparison to Laser Treatment

Laser treatment hurts because it uses high energy to fracture tattoo ink’s pigments. While it does remove tattoos, it also causes problems. In addition to being quite painful, this technique can result in scarring and burn-like marks that are unattractive. Additionally, laser tattoo removal is expensive (up to $30,000). There is a much more affordable option. To avoid the pain and cost of laser treatment, try tattoo removal cream. It is affordable and painless. Try it today.


Here at SKINTRU Tattoo Removal Cream, we have the premier line of tattoo products. We can help you protect the tattoos you love, or remove the tattoos you have stopped loving. Whatever your goal, we have products to help you succeed. We also care about your safety, and you can rest assured that our products use natural ingredients that will treat your skin right. Let us meet your tattoo needs, whatever they might be.



Our scientifically tested products are the result of years spent in laboratories and leading research institutes. Your skin deserves products that really work. The efficacy of our products has been proven in clinical trials. Our treatment employs only natural substances, and there are no unwanted side-effects. Our products enhance your body naturally, without artificial additives or harmful chemicals. To experience firsthand the best body enhancement products available, try our solution today.

Our product is one-of-a-kind, providing the best formula available. This is not a quick, painful, and harsh tattoo removal solution. Our natural ingredients remove your tattoos gradually, over an 8- to 12-month period. Tattoos begin fading after 4-6 months. This is a gentle process that is designed to be kind to your skin. The process can be done at home, is free of pain, and has an amazing success rate of 98.7%. Better still, we provide a money-back guarantee, so there is no risk. We know that this will be the best product you try. We use natural, safe ingredients, and they have been proven effective.



• Removes permanent cosmetics and tattoos painlessly, effectively, and easily.
• Consists of ingredients that are completely natural and safe.
• Soaks into your skin and makes tattoo ink fade away.
• Has been scientifically proven to work.