Engagement and Wedding Ring Tattoos are Big Savings

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Engagement and Tattoo Wedding Rings are Taking the Lovebird World by Storm

Nothing says forever like a tattoo. This is something that most people have known for a while, but for some reason people are finally linking this idea to marriage. This ultimate act of love has always been associated with a regular diamond ring, but more and more people are turning to a tattoo wedding ring. The trend is gaining considerable speed on social media, and it is even gaining momentum among famous people like Beyonce who tattooed a Roman numeral after marrying Jay-Z.


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Why Should You Consider a Wedding Tattoo Ring Over Diamond Engagement Rings?

There are a lot of reasons why people are choosing a tattoo instead of regular wedding bands, but the most popular reason is cost. It is not unheard of to pay anywhere between $300 to $700 for wedding bands. A newlywed couple could end up paying a few thousand dollars for both rings. No one is saying that these wedding bands are not beautiful, but they do take a big bite out of your wallet.

A wedding ring tattoo will only cost a person around $60 though elaborate designs can go a little over $100. Of course, others are choosing to get this type of ring because it is a permanent symbol of love while others simply do not want to worry about losing their wedding bands. Some are getting tattooed rings because their jobs require them to remove physical rings.

What Types of Tattoos Can You Get?

Wedding ring tattoos are much more freeing than regular wedding bands. Some people opt for just a tattoo band, but there are others who create a very unique design that means something to the couple. For example, some newlyweds tattoo the date of their wedding or the day they met. Some people create an outline of the state where they met while others write words like “forever” or “always.” Others decide to create a band made out of creative designs like hearts, arrows, or even keys. In other words, a tattooed wedding band can go as far as the imagination can go, which is pretty great.

Moments When a Tattoo Ring May Not be Right

One thing you should do is make sure you do not get the tattoo until you are married and not just engaged. A lot can happen during an engagement, so just hold of a bit to make sure the union is solidified. It should be noted that a tattoo ring will not work for couples that are extremely traditional or where one person is. A marriage symbol should satisfy both parties, so make sure that you two are okay with a tattoo ring. Remember that tattoo rings are no substitute for a gold and diamond engagement ring do need to be touched up from time to time because skin sheds over the course of a lifetime. Make sure that you remember that removing a tattoo ring can be costly and time consuming, so be sure before getting the tattoos.

Remember that tattoos can last longer with proper care. This means following healing instructions after getting the tattoo and using tattoo balm as recommended. This also means using sunscreen as needed to avoid fading.