Laser Hair Removal and Tattoos

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Given how time consuming temporary hair removal techniques like tweezing, shaving and waxing can be, many people who enjoy having smooth, hair-free skin are turning to permanent solutions like laser hair removal. Before starting the laser hair removal process, a consultation is performed to assess the suitability of the procedure for the person and the number of sessions recommended for optimal results.

If possible, getting laser hair removal cheap before getting tattooed would be a good idea. For best results, laser hair removal typically requires 6-10 sessions. The number of sessions varies according to several factors, including hair color, skin tone, amount of hair in the area and frequency of treatments. After a brief rest period after the final treatment, skin then can be tattooed as usual.

A common question many people have during the consultation is whether the treatment is compatible with tattoos. The answer is that people who have tattoos can get laser hair removal, but the tattoos require specialized safety procedures during the hair removal process to prevent damage to both the skin and the tattoo. The tattoo must be covered with a template or a bandage so the laser technician can avoid the tattooed skin.

The reason for the special care lies in the nature of laser hair removal. The laser identifies, targets, and destroys pigment. Usually, the pigment intended for destruction is the hair follicle, which is the part that grows and regrows the individual hair. Thus, hair is permanently destroyed when the laser destroys the hair follicle. However, tattoo pigment can also be destroyed by the laser used in laser hair removal. Destroying tattoo pigment with hair removal lasers and not tattoo removal lasers can cause burning and blistering to the skin and damage to the tattoo.

For this reason, people who have engagement tattoos and decide to pursue laser hair removal have their tattoos covered during laser hair removal, and hair removal treatment will go around the tattooed area. The hair growing in the tattooed area will not be removed by laser, but it can still be removed as usual by shaving, waxing, tweezing, cream or electrolysis.

If the skin is already tattooed, laser hair removal is still a viable option with proper safety procedures. Anyone can have the joy of permanently smooth skin from laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal treatment.