Laser Tattoo Removal Erases Pain and Regret of the Past

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Are you one of those people who want to erase a mistakenly taken college tattoo? Do you want to know what Tattoo Removal really feels like with the help of laser treatment? Then you might like to read on, as this article is a feature of what tattoo removal actually feels in your skin. Let’s start.

The Cliche Mistake

Of course, there’s not a lot of things more cliche than getting a tattoo at 18 and regretting it. In your first day of college, you want to prove your independence by getting a badly done tattoo. This is what happened to one person who was featured in Harpers Bazaar. In his article feature, Alexandra Tunell shared her story about getting a misshapen black horse at her nape and almost immediately regretted getting it. She was so ashamed of her horse tattoo that she barely wears her hair up just to hide it. That said, it’s a little surprise how she ended up deciding to get a laser surgery to remove it from her skin.

She set up an appointment with Dr. Geronemus of Laser and Skin Surgery Center based in New York to get the tattoo using PicoSure laser, which is a breakthrough technology that hits the tattoo ink with pressurized pulses to shatter them into dust form so your skin can absorb them quickly and make them disappear. Here’s what it actually feels like.

The Feeling

When the nurse injected her the needles of Lidocaine to not make her feel the laser, she almost didn’t feel anything. She felt some pinches of needles, but they’re not painful enough to cause worry. It wasn’t even worth squeezing the stress ball that the doctor gave her to distract her from the pain.

When she actually was given the continuous laser pulses, which was promised to be almost painless, she was happy that she almost didn’t feel a thing. It went painlessly as promised, and it was such a relief for her to know this. In fact, the patient claimed that the pain she felt from going to hair salons was more painful than the laser treatment she got to remove her tattoo. That said, she had no trouble going back to the Tattoo Removal center to continue the treatment because she was still going to need 5 to 6 sessions to get rid of the tattoo ink entirely. She even went so far to claim that there’s no way that people should be afraid of tattoos for becoming permanent because there are now new technologies today that can help get rid of them. Plus, the treatment won’t even hurt.

After the Lidocaine wore off, the patient felt like having a severe sunburn from the area where the laser treatment was done. The area felt tight, raw and itchy, and it was a trouble for her to move from side to side. Later on, her skin experienced “frosting,” which is a kind of blister that will, later on, develop into a scab. This entire skin change happens for about ten days or so, and so the sight of the scab should be under wraps. This won’t be a trouble since she could just hide the scab with her ponytail.


The story shared here would definitely confirm that the laser treatment required for removing poorly done tattoos are not worth the worry and concern. There’s no reason anymore to spend time on tattoo regrets. With the new lasers today to remove tattoos painlessly and at virtually no big cost, there’s no reason to be anxious about that time in college when you wrote the name of your loved one on your skin. There’s no more reason to regret when your parents suddenly called you out for getting a tattoo that they don’t approve of.

There’s also no reason to be afraid of the new laser treatment available today. The experts and skin specialists who know the updated laser treatment today can deliver the procedure with almost zero pain.