Permanent Sins with Tattoos and Current Style Trends

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Permanent Sins with Tattoos

As with makeup trends, certain tattoo styles have come and gone over the years.


For example, a tattoo where dolphins leap from the water along the waistline to make your pants look like the water was popular for the longest time. For some people, this trend did not become a classic that would stay in style for long. There are a few options to removing such tattoos, should you fall out of love with them as style trends have.


First of all, the ink can be covered up with foundation and concealer. If this temporary fix is not appealing, then there are two other choices. Tattoos can be removed with laser surgery, or a cover up a tattoo of something more classic and timeless can be used. These two decisions cause some pain, but one is far more expensive than the other and requires longer recovery.


Many other styles have come and gone over time. However, temporary and permanent style choices can be altered to keep you up to date on the newest trends so consider either natural tattoo removal creams or laser tattoo removal at a local clinic.