Removing Tattoos in Austin TX Corporate Culture

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Tattoos in Texas Corporate Culture
Corporate Tattoos in Austin Texas
Austin Tattoo Trends

In this modern era, with the popularity of democracy, one would think that Austin’s employees would be afforded the right to dress the way they want. On the contrary, corporate policies on dress code are more dramatic than ever. Some companies have strict policies on appearances while others are a bit flexible or tend not to focus so much on an employee’s looks. A classic example of corporate dress code restrictions is American Apparel’s widely criticized policy of zero tolerance on shiny lip-gloss and bangs. The firm also warns against blow-drying hair excessively. UBS, a renowned financial bank, also has its share of restrictions on the dress code adopted by its female employees. UBS does not allow women to wear more than seven jewels source (Tattoo Removal Austin). The bank also makes it compulsory for women to wear scarves.

Another issue affecting corporate culture is piercings and tattoos on employees. While it was the norm in the past for piercings and tattoos to be associated with graphic designers and coffeehouse baristas, the trend has changed to include any professional from a bank manager to a Austin TX kindergarten teacher. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, almost half the number of adults aged between 26 and 40 years have tattoos, while 22% of them have at least one body piercing. The study further shows that 36% of the youth aged between 18-25 years have tattoos while 30% have at least one body piercing.

Men and Women With Tattoos

Society seems to be divided on the issue of men and women having tattoos. While men are allowed to be rebellious and hardcore, women are not afforded the same privilege. However, the trends in society are quickly shifting and very soon, it will be acceptable for women to show their tattoos in public. Until then, women can only enjoy their tattoos in private.

Corporate Policies on Tattoos

While the number of workers with tattoos continues to grow, employers are yet to decide on how to address this matter. Some employers tend not to be bothered by tattoos provided they are not visible. Many businesses have not formally established policies regarding piercings and tattoos. U.S. Postal Service, Denny’s, Geico Insurance, and Starwood Hotels, are among the few companies with guidelines on tattoos. These corporations do not hire job seekers with visible tattoos. Reputable companies like Wieden-Kennedy, Bank of America, and Allstate Insurance do not discriminate against job seekers with piercings or tattoos.

According to, Forbes and Eraser Clinic a tattoo removal Austin clinic, HR managers focus more on piercings and bad breath when hiring an employee. The presence of visible tattoos was ranked third in this study on the likelihood of a person being turned down for a job. Today’s young professionals project their personalities through tattoos; therefore, denying them a chance to grow their careers would be a loss not only to them but also to the companies that turn them down. However, until employers can come to terms with the fact that tattoos have more to do with personality than culture, job seekers have no option but to err on the side of caution and have their tattoos in the less visible parts of their bodies.