Tattoo Statistics, Facts and Trends 2017

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In 2017 the number of tattoo shops in the U.S.A is 23,000. National average cost of tattooing $99 per hour. Percentage of tattooed people who feel the tattoo meaning is the most important factor is 46%. Percentage of people with cover up tattoos is 6-9% depending on the region with the southwest having the lowest percentage of 6 and the east coast closure to 9.6%.


As of 2016-2017, 26% percent of inked people report regretting their tattoo and wanting to have it removed.

Tattoo Removal Statistics 2017


$1,660,600,000 is spent annually on Tattoos in the United States


Almost 60% of Millennials have a tatto and 71% of their parents are okay with it.
Approximately 20% of Americans aged 18+ have a tattoo. Around 16% have two tattoos or more. And 69% of people with Tattoos have more than 3.